GHI Corp offers the following services:

Estate Planning: GHI Corp will review all of your assets to determine the best possible method to pass your assets to your heirs

Retirement Planning: GHI Corp will analyze your investment portfolio to see if it has achieved your retirement goals. Also, to make certain that you will not out live your investment portfolio. If you are already retired we will check to see if your investment portfolio is in line with your financial needs.

Portfolio Review: GHI Corp will perform a quantitative analyst of your investment to compare how it ranks against their investment peers.

Educational Funding: GHI Corp will discuss the best option for your children's educational funding - a Coverdell or a 529 educational plan.

Insurance Planning: GHI Corp will consider your age and income to determine which insurance is most feasible for you and your family - whether its term or whole life.

Monthly Budget: One of the most important tools for a worry free life is a well-planned budget. GHI Corp will design a budget that you can live with while helping you to attain your financial goals.

Group Seminars: GHI Corp is available to speak with private groups about the economy and what can be expected to happen in the equity, bond and fiscal markets for the current year.

Please do not hesitate to contact GHI Corp with any questions you may have about your financial portfolio .


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